May 28, 2023

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Advertising in Telegram by Sending Mass DMs

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The widespread use of Telegram as an instant messaging application among people has made it an admired platform for advertising at the lowest cost and highest speed. If you are considering advertising on Telegram to promote your business and market your brand, you are probably looking for the best way to do it.
Advertising in Telegram by sending direct messages is a way we strongly recommend because this way, your message will not be ignored by the recipients. People always pay special attention to the direct messages they receive. They are always curious to find out what content the message contains and who the sender is.

Despite the considerable positive effect it has, it is not so simple to send advertising DMs in bulk because Telegram imposes a number of limitations to keep its users from advertising in this platform for free. It seems as if Telegram, like many other social media platforms, is willing to financially depend on the revenue from its ad services.

As a result, Telegram divides the people into two groups:

  1. Familiar peopleor the people who have previously chatted with you once:

You are free to send any desired number of DMs to this group of people. Telegram considers your messages as a way you are using to communicate with people you have already been in contact with.

  1. Strangersor the people who never chatted with you

Each account is allowed to send a specific number of DMs (fewer than 50) to strangers in a day.

As a result, if you want to send more messages per day, you should use more than one Telegram account. then, for example, using 3 Telegram accounts, you will able to send up to 150 DMs to strangers.


Another factor that keeps you from sending DMs randomly is the block and report feature. Note that message recipients are always given the opportunity to block and report you and your message if they are not interested in it, informing Telegram that you have disturbed them by sending a message; if the reports that Telegram receives about you increases, you will be in danger of permanently losing your account.

That is why you need to send your ads only to the right target audience of your business; the people who are interested or involved in your business field and welcome getting the chance to find out about your brand. In this case, the recipients will explore your business, evaluate it and compare it with the competitors and if you offer fair price and reasonable quality, they are likely to become your loyal customers.

A great way to find access to your right target market is the groups that your competitors have created in Telegram. You can enter their groups and extract the members information (such as their username) to provide a list of people you can send DMs.


Apparently, to manage multiple Telegram accounts, send a specific number of DMs using each, extract usernames from groups on a regular basis you need a tool that can help you make the process automated because they do not seem to be tasks that can be handled manually very easily.

In the following, we are going to introduce you to a tool you can use to automate sending advertising DMs in bulk in Telegram.


Appropriate Advertising Tools in Telegram

You may think that the restrictive rules of Telegram prevent you from advertising, but taking smart tricks and using the appropriate tools will make it possible for you.

There are software programs and bots that can help you automate the whole process of sending mass DMs in Telegram. To choose the right tool, you need to consider the availability of some factors in these programs.

  1. You can connect as many accounts as you have to the software unlimitedly.
  2. You can specify the number of DMs you want the software to send using each of your accounts.
  3. It sends a specific number of DMs using each account and switches to the next before it gets restricted.
  4. It receives the list of target usernames/ phone numbers and the desired message text. Then it sends the message directly to each of the usernames in the list.
  5. It is capable of extracting members from any group in Telegram to permanently provide you with a list of your target audiences.
  6. It is capable of sending images, videos, files, emojis, links, etc.

One of the tools that cover all these features and are also internationally admired is the vUser Telegram Mass Dm Sender. Interestingly enough, this Windows-based software, offered at a very fair price, is a permanent product and one-time purchase that simulates the exact human-like behavior by moving your mouse and using your keyboard, destroying any threat of its being identified as a bot and banned by Telegram